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The Winter X Games Adds Another Snowmobiling Event!

The winter X games has always had some kind of snowmobile event, whether it is oval racing or freestyle. But this new event pushes the Winter X Games to a new height. The new Snowmobile Knock Out is sure to be a new favorite. This event is in a single elimination format. The person who travels the least distance is “knocked out” of the competition. However this is not a racing contest, but is a jumping contest. The distance is measured from the ramp to where they land, making this an event, a jumping contest.

There are already many people that are planning to compete, among them is snowmobile champion, Levi LaVallee. “I’m really excited about the new event,” said Levi LaVallee. Levi LaVellee hopes to continue is momentum from last years Winter X Games, where he attempted a double back flip. The Moto Step Up has long been a crowd favorite, and now the Winter X Games has an event that can compete with the Moto Step Up.  The Snowmobile Knock Out event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 31, 2010 at 6:30pm.

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Top Five 2010 Sleds

2010 snowmobiles are out, and better then ever. But which are best? Which one to buy? Well I have found several sites that have a consumer rated top ten, and I have compiled them and put in some of my own opinions to create a top ten worth posting.

  1. Polaris 550 IQ Shift $5,999 (below) I rated this sled in first because of it’s high user rating, great handling, and the low cost. This is a nice well handling sled that rides well and is only $5,999. That is MUCH lower then most new snowmobiles today.

  2. Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500 $8,299 I think that this sled is a sled that rides well, but isn’t just for comfort. This sled is made for aggressive riders, and for a 500, it can move. The price may be higher then the above but it is still low, especially for all that you will get out of this sled.
  3. Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo EXT $13,699 Now, this is less conservative then the above sleds, but it is a beast! With its 177 horse power, 1056cc liquid-cooled twin, and 144 inch track, this sled may seem like a little much to handle. But don’t be fooled. The longer track then its predecessors gives this sled improved handling, and with its smooth acceleration this sled is a lot of power that is easy to handle.
  4. Ski-Doo MX Z $10,199 800R Adrenaline This snowmobile is very useful snowmobile that will meet all of your needs. It has the power to get-up-n’go, but also is good for just cruising and looking at the sites. An all all around good sled, that is very flexible to meet all of your needs.
  5. Yamaha FX Nytro MTX SE $12,199 This sled is packed with new features. It has a air suspension that is designed to make it “float” better on fluffy snow, and makes it lighter. Also a slightly wider front end adds stability, while a new tunnel and track makes it more agile. A new and very cool sled.

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Some Other Cool Snowmobile Blogs

Recently I was surfing the web and came across some other snowmobiling blogs. Everyone has herd of ESPN, when you think of sports, ESPN comes to mind. So I wondered if they had a blog section of their site, and they do! The ESPN Snowmobile Blog is full of snowmobile racing news, inside stories about racers, and new releases.

After I found the ESPN blog, I ventured to find more blogs. After A bit of looking with not much success I thought of Snowmobiling magazines, some of them must have blogs, right? So I changed my approach from looking for snowmobile blogs, to snowmobile magazines. I then found Blog. This blog has a lot of info, everything. Racing news, videos, pictures and events. Definatley one to check out!


From there I found a link that led me to a directory of sites that are all about snowmobiling. Some were dead ends, others were good, but they were websites not blogs. But after a little digging I found a site called that is in blog form and offers reviews of snowmobiles, snowmobile accessories, snowmobiling gear, and mods. All in all a fairly good site, with a lot to offer. It can help you know what to buy before you buy.

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Neon Lights For Snowmobiles!

I was surfing the web for some snowmobile pictures the other day and came across this:

Yes that is right, neon lights for snowmobiles.

I dug a little deeper and found a website called Their entire company revolves around manufacturing and distributing these neon lights. How cool right? They offer neon lights for snowmobiles with or without batteries, and come in many colors. They also offer hood vent lights, and two different types of running board lights. You can get the brighter LED lights, and the original Neon lights. I am convinced, and am planning on getting some. They are waterproof and very durable. They have now even branched out their company to encompass ATV’s. A really great idea that I have never herd of before, yet they have been around for years. Can’t wait to try them out!

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Fresh Dusting of Snow!

We received a new dusting of snow overnight last night, we now have about 8 inches of snow total. Just another sign that winter is well on its way! Things are cooling down and starting to freeze, some people have already been in the trails, but you can’t get to far yet because if the lack of frozen water, but the water will soon freeze! Winter is on its way!!

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Snow Plows for Snowmobiles!

Now you can own a plow for your snowmobile! This is an industry first, Ski Force by Cycle Country. explains:
“Constructed using a lightweight rugged Poly-Blade and innovative extended Push Tube Ski Force™ boasts a 3 Directional Blade and Drive-Up Mount.

An Electric Power Winch [included] makes for easy raising and lowering the plow.

The heart of the Ski Force™ Snowmobile Snowplow begins with Cycle Country’s innovative “universal” A-Arm A.R.M Mount [patent pending] and bumper-free Lift Bar [patent pending] for superior blade lift. These features ensure extremely functional plowing plus a broad range of compatibility to machines. Put your snowmobile to work for you this season with the Ski Force™ Snowmobile Snowplow by Cycle Country.”

MSRP: $699.00

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