Posted by: Ray Wirth | December 21, 2009

Neon Lights For Snowmobiles!

I was surfing the web for some snowmobile pictures the other day and came across this:

Yes that is right, neon lights for snowmobiles.

I dug a little deeper and found a website called Their entire company revolves around manufacturing and distributing these neon lights. How cool right? They offer neon lights for snowmobiles with or without batteries, and come in many colors. They also offer hood vent lights, and two different types of running board lights. You can get the brighter LED lights, and the original Neon lights. I am convinced, and am planning on getting some. They are waterproof and very durable. They have now even branched out their company to encompass ATV’s. A really great idea that I have never herd of before, yet they have been around for years. Can’t wait to try them out!



  1. WOW!!! I had never even heard of these things before, thanks for sharing!…. By the way, how much do these things cost? I’ve told a couple of friends about them and they are really interested… ZB!

    • They cost about $200 for the basic package of running board lights.

  2. Maybe when we finally get a snowmobile we’ll get some of these. Probably not…


  3. Nice post!!!! the lights are cool, and so is the picture. so whats the cost for each of the lights listed in the post?

  4. Pretty colours. I don’t have a snowmobile, but if I did, I would get them -maybe I’ll just get them anyways and attach them to me somehow.

  5. Those lights are probably the most cool thing I have ever seen on a snowmobile.

  6. Hang on here bub! I think these lights should be available to hang on your chest! Not under some stinkin’ snowmoblow! >=[ I need to hang one on a chain around my neck and walk around like some gaangster, and get a PINK BARBIE cd player to put on my shoulder and rock out to! 😀 For real though Jordan, nice blog. Maybe if I came to this class more I could actually make mine half as good as yours. =O -Teejay David Woitko!

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