Posted by: Ray Wirth | January 14, 2010

The Winter X Games Adds Another Snowmobiling Event!

The winter X games has always had some kind of snowmobile event, whether it is oval racing or freestyle. But this new event pushes the Winter X Games to a new height. The new Snowmobile Knock Out is sure to be a new favorite. This event is in a single elimination format. The person who travels the least distance is “knocked out” of the competition. However this is not a racing contest, but is a jumping contest. The distance is measured from the ramp to where they land, making this an event, a jumping contest.

There are already many people that are planning to compete, among them is snowmobile champion, Levi LaVallee. “I’m really excited about the new event,” said Levi LaVallee. Levi LaVellee hopes to continue is momentum from last years Winter X Games, where he attempted a double back flip. The Moto Step Up has long been a crowd favorite, and now the Winter X Games has an event that can compete with the Moto Step Up.  The Snowmobile Knock Out event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 31, 2010 at 6:30pm.



  1. Hey Jord! They visual on your post in amazing dude! I didn’t know a lot about the Snowmobile Knock Out event in the Winter X-Games but thanks to your blog entry now I do! 😛
    – Jake

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